iPhone test 01 Feb 2012|03:25pm

Does this app work?

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The things your dog does when you walk away 12 Jun 2008|10:12pm

Originally uploaded by kerizma
As if he really doesnt have enough beds in this house already. I mean REALLY Charlie... REALLY!

Pilates FTW!

27 Apr 2007|10:24am
Post 2nd night shift and still havent gone to bed, but I've had things to do, including make porridge, because I'm having deathly cravings for porridge, and it was oh so good.

I taped The Biggest Loser Finale and watched that on fast forward. Oh Damien, how I so wanted you to win. Chris did well, but such a snotty kid.

AND.. checking out the poll on MelbManiac comm here I was a little amused. They're all talking ambo subscribtion, and the reason everyone quoted to have it is not to get a bill. How's about keeping me in a job, now there's a reason to pay ambo subscription. =)

My eyes are stinging and I've lost my train of throught. So I'm going to pop back to staring at the wall.
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Day 4 23 Feb 2007|09:38am

Well hell, I've been on the "sunshine" coast for going on 4 days now. Home on Sunday. And my fucking god I've never seen so much rain. I'm almost at the point where I'm going to buy screw top jars and take some rain home as souvenirs. Christ knows my garden needs it. 
It's nice and warm, and we managed to get some sun (and sunburn) yesterday, but the rest of the time it's been pissing down. Almost a novelty to see green grass again, but like I said.. Almost.

I always pick the best time of the year to go on holidays. Bloody tropical weather =) Hope you're all good. I'm very well rested, because all I do is sleep eat and drink. Life is ok =)

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19 Feb 2007|11:21pm
I'm off to QLD in the morning. Leaving at the crack of dawn. YAY!
Sunshine and sleep here I come.

mmmmmmm =)
Have a good week. I know I will


12 Feb 2007|10:59am
I cut my leg shaving and I'm BLEEDING everywhere.

Todays big plans are : go back to the motherfucking dentist.


I hate dentists.

25 Dec 2006|05:40am
Merry Christmas everyone.

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27 Nov 2006|10:49pm
Well my computer is still fucked. Can't read email and I get about 10 minutes of internet access before the whole thing freezes up. I've had it at the MAN and he thinks my hard drive is corrupt .. or something, but I've stolen it back to finish my assignment thats due on Wednesday. So I'm currently assignmenting, and wishing I could read LJ and other interweb stuff I love, but look.. it's killing my big fat procrastinating streak. So if you've emailed, I'm not being a bitch, my computer is.

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09 Nov 2006|10:46am
My computer has been misbehaving for quite some time now. It's behaving like it's got a virus, but it doesn't according to the three virus scans I've run on it with various scanners. It stalls, it restarts itself, and sometimes I get the blue screen of death. I took it to the MAN and he said he didn't know. What kind of computer fixer just shrugs and says dunno... it works ok for me. IT DOES NOT!!!
Dreaming of a laptop. With all of my stuff on it.

I've been unwell with awful stomach cramps last two days. Up the top. Been self diagnosing and refusing to see a doctor because I dont want to, and trying to remember if I ate something dodgy. But look I cant even remember what I did yesterday (may have something to do with all the codiene tee hee)

Changed ambo stations as of today. Working night shift tonight and co-habitating with the fireys. just like on 3rd watch, but well not so cute. A little shy about starting. Did a drive by yesterday so I could see where I have to park, and it has an automatic door on the car park and going to die if I get there and I can't open it.

My head is scattered. Don't want to do anything.
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Girly stuff 31 Oct 2006|12:04pm
Oh I did the most frivolous thing yesterday. I got eyelash extensions! SEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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How fucking cool and girly is that. Huh. HUH HUH! I'm so naff
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28 Oct 2006|08:02am
I've just gotten home from my first night shift. And I'm jolly rogered. But I'm hungry and waiting for my toast to cook. So i"ll babble for a minute. Or 10. I don't know.

So... Charlie after his little vomit got a lot sicker. I came home the next night shift to find bloody diarrhoea all over the house. That was a gag fest from hell. I don't mean bloody as in swearing, I mean blood... and diarrhoea. And gagging. So off to the vet we trot (after two mops, a whole bottle of domestos, a bottle of nifti, and a bottle of febreeze) and they get me to weigh him. He's lost 7kg. My dog is not a big-un so 7kg is really quite significant. In my little know too much medically head, I instantly panicked. But on the inside. We get into the vets office, and my boy is PETRIFIED, and he loves loves loves the vet. He pees on the floor (who does that???) and has to have a rectal exam, a poo sample and blood tests to check his haemaglobin, kidneys, liver and pancreas. I'm sitting there in this room with my shaking dog, for..hmm an hour?? waiting for the test results, and I was barely breathing. Kept thinking how I was going to be able to call my mum to come save me at the vet from terrible news. I think the worst too often. So it turns out the bugger has haemorrhagic gastroenteritis, which the exact cause of is unknown, maybe ulcer related. So in turn, I'll locked away all the booze in my house. I'm sure he's been drinking it when I'm not home. He's just finished a course of antibiotics, regained 3.5kg and is happy as a pig in non bloody shit.

Also I'm having a huntsman stalking crisis. Really truly. This week alone, I've had one in my REFRIGERATOR! Who the fuck gets huntsmans in their fridge huh? And it was <--------------------------------------------------------This------------------------------------------------------------> big. A fucking veritable monster. I cried when I saw that, it gave me such a fright. A really big stinking fright. My friend had to kill it and I thank god she was at my place at the time, otherwise I'd still be on the ground in the foetal position rocking and drooling. And then, at work, while I was looking under the hood of the ambulance (we have to check there.. I open it, make sure the engine is there and nod to myself and close the lid), but it was on the day of my driving test (which I passed, I can officially drive lights and sirens now... NEEEEEENAAAAAAWWWWWNNEEEEEENNAAAAAAAAAAAW) and I was checking the water level of the wiper thingies and went to take the lid off, and I'm pretty sure I touched it. Another fucking huntsman, on top of the water lid thingy. I squealed. And the boys saw. And they think I'm D U M B now.

I've done some really interesting jobs at work. Got to go to a massive car accident, and my stimulus levels were so high at the time, I could barely function, and it was cold.. 4am in the morning, on wet grass with fire hoses kinda cold. All the kids (16-18) survived so thats a plus, one's pretty sick, and my boy mushed his leg pretty badly, but we bonded on the way to hospital. Was really interesting. Also did my first cardiac arrest this morning. Unfortunately the lady passed away, but I've got some feel for what it's like out of the hospital environment now. She had a nasty dog though. It wanted to bite us all. It's also weird doing CPR on your hands and knees beside a bed, and one of the other paramedics was in the cupboard to do stuff because thats all the room we had. Bizarre things I never really thought about.

Ok my toast is probably cold by now, and I'm going to have to put myself to bed. I've only had a couple of hours sleep and I've been up since 4am. And I'm really really cold.
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18 Oct 2006|12:26am
I tell you.. for someone who has twice as much time off, I've suddenly found myself very very busy.
Got the college of knowledge day tomorrow and just finished printing out my three assignments I've got to hand in on my study day tomorrow today really isn't it.

I got home from work today to find a horrible smell in my house, I looked for dog poo.. which has never happened but couldn't see anything, let the dog out and wandered into my bedroom to get changed and was inflicted with no less than 4 huge vomits courtesy of said dog. I've cleaned them up, and dry retched until I can do it no more.

Umm.. I've almost watched all of season 3 of nip/tuck. It's just brilliant.

Ummmm... played my annual soccer game and captained the team to a win. We won 3-2. Things got a little heated. Perhaps my sexual frustration in general life is just making me mean.

Ummmmmmm... did a whole days shopping on Bridge Road and came home with A top. What a waste really. But I did see the sluttiest dress on earth on sale for $588. that gave me miles of glee to work on for the afternoon.

We've got a new computerised patient record thingy at work, I have a whacking headache from eye strain today. But look, I also had a nana nap in the recliner at work too, so I can't argue.
My job makes me happy.

Ok I'm going to attempt some sleep. It's still very hot in my house despite the rain hitting.
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28 Sep 2006|03:25pm
I'm just going to do this weekly recap, because quite honestly. I'm too tired to do much else.

Ok so 9 weeks into new career, and second week finished on the road.

It works a little something like this, I do two 10 hour day shifts, followed by two 14 hour night shifts. The roster runs from 7am to 5pm, or 5pm to 7am depending obviously what shift you are on. Then I have 4 whole big beautiful days off. Keep in mind that I've done two (count em two) night shifts in the last 3 years, and both of them were on overtime. The first 7 weeks of university were Monday to Friday, 9 til 5 (or 3, or 4pm.. depending on the laziness of the day). So needless to say, I've got no shift work capacity left in me. I feel like I've just flown around the world, twice, and just can't get enough sleep to catch up with it. And my god, the dry horrors like nothing else, without the joy of drinking. I can't get enough fluid. I believe my tongue is swollen. And I just plain hurt everywhere.

Don't get me wrong. This is the most fantastic change I could have made. I am LOVING (with a capital loving) my job. Its exciting, it's fun, it's fumbling and sometimes it's just plain quiet. I don't remember quiet in nursing. Much anyhow.

My first day went as such. I went to work (leaving at 6.10 am..god that's fucking early) and drove my way down the peninsula to my branch with a big huge kicking bunch of butterflies doing kamikaze moves in my stomach. I felt ill, sweaty, nervous and just plain terrified at the prospect of starting. I got to work a little early (10 minutes), sat in the car, did some deep breathing exercises and went on in. The two paramedics on the night shift were up, and I knew both of them. Nervousness easing a little. I started to do my morning checks to the best of my newbie ability and then my Clinical Instructor (CI) rocked up. Not the person I was rostered to have but also someone I knew vaguely and had always had pleasant stranger dealings with. Again nervousness easing. So we do all the stuff we gotta do, and then go inside and wait for the call. Assumed the position in front of the TV in bilateral recliners, chatting, and that's where we stayed. The radio went off at 2.30pm. I shit you not .. I'd sat for 7.5 hours doing a whole bunch of nothing and we get a job. And it's just a nana down. She's in the garden and her daughter hasn't got the strength to pick her up, so we do.. she toddles off with a big fat thanks, and off we go. No need to do anything. I went home at the end of the day feeling mighty chuffed that I'm being paid money for jam. And it's a nice job. I was a little sorely mistaken. It's been pretty busy ever since. On my night shifts over the 48 hours I got a total of 9 hours sleep. In fractured shitty sleep. I got home at 7.45am yesterday morning after a really busy night shift, went to bed about 9.30, got up at 10.30 because my sleep drive is broken, and ended up playing around my house and garden until about 7.30 when I passed out for 14 hours.

Silliest job I've been to so far is "itchy hands and feet" sickest job "unconscious nana post accidental ingestion of eucalyptus oil"

My CI is fabulous, we get along great and he has a really dry and crazy sense of humour. And he's a really good teacher, and that makes me happy. We get a little stupid on night shift. The 5am conversations are ridiculous and I'd hate to have a big job at that time, because I'm sure I'd get the inappropriate giggles. I'm sure I'll get the swing of this soon enough.

I took a couple of photo's yesterday morning of myself when I got home, but it didn't capture my pinkeye quite like it was. They were glowing a little, and had the distinct feeling of someone throwing sand in my eyes. Under cut if you care to peruse

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07 Sep 2006|02:58pm
Had a good day yesterday. Went out to a regional CFA area and did a multi-casualty scenario day. Pretty much our last serious day at uni. Apart from tomorrow where we have our interim exam. I've studied and studied and studied. I really want to do well in this. Going out on Friday night with my group to blow off some steam (and hopefully have a fun fun fun night). So it's all good.

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05 Sep 2006|06:22pm
I've kinda dropped off the face of the earth again. I really want to keep this thing semi updated. I like to read back on stuff. I can cover the last six weeks in a nutshell though .

~tired from powerpoint
~tired from studying
~tired from being talked at
~tired from ironing my bloody uniform
~tired of not a huge social life
~tired of too much gym
~tired from being sick

But. Ok. I'm fine. I finish up at the end of this week with a big stinking exam, then I'm on the road as of Friday 15th Sept. In the last 6 weeks, I've done one observer shift, beat up a car, tipped a car on it's roof and rescued someone from it (fake out), used the jaws of life, learnt a couple of new things, and dyed my hair twice.
All in a days work. =)

11 Aug 2006|09:41am
I'm a shit blogger. I really am. =)

Ok so I'm procrastinating a little, I have my first prac exam this morning, and I really really am so nervous. It's not like I don't know this stuff. It's just the spotlight of faking a scenario on a dummy in front of people thats doing my head in.

Generally uni has been going ok. I have adjustment issues with having to sit on my butt for 8 hours a day and listen to lectures, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I haven't learnt a lot clinically but I've taken note of the stories of the paramedics that teach us, and I figured I've got some tricks up my sleeve now to survive this job. Some things still really frighten me though.

I have four weeks to go then I'm out on the road. Feeling like a fraud dressing in the uniform every day and I've touched an ambulance once since I've started this job. And that was only to put a stretcher in the back. Have an advanced driving course in a week where we get to drive the trucks. That.. will be fun.

The other ambo students, some of them are awesome. We've bonded quite well and there are a couple that I'll be friends with for a long time. So that's kinda cool.

Otherwise a whole bunch of jack shit is going on. House is immaculate because I'm meant to be studying, been going to the gym every day because I'm meant to be studying. Been eating and cooking well because I'm meant to be studying. You catch my drift.
Last thing.. photo in my uniform under cut.

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24 Jul 2006|10:44pm
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15 Jul 2006|08:08am
I'm off to Tasmania this morning. I've not long gotten out of bed. And the weather is fucking appalling. It's going to be 11 here, and 13 in Hobart. That MAKES NO SENSE.
Normal people go to warmer places for a holiday, I pick the one that is the same and colder overnight. Damn you brother and brothers girlfriends. Change your birthdays to December.

See you Monday afternoon. =)
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11 Jul 2006|09:37am
Random pics over the last couple of days

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08 Jul 2006|09:10am
1. My computer has been broken for 6 days and I just got it back. It cost me money to have my computer guy tell me that sometimes "these things happen". I think he fluked it and had no idea how he got the bastard of a thing to start again. but look. I'm back online.

2. I have finished work. I am semi officially retired from nursing. I have two weeks off then I will be a student ambulance paramedic. Glee ++

Reading back entries. There's a lot. I think I got most of the important stuff.. but please... tell me if anything good happened wont you?
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